Clan Thompson well represented at Colorado Tartan Day


Well, Thompsons were out in force and had a great time at Colorado Tartan Day April 6. I tried out my first attempt at lowland garb at the festival, though I did wear the Thompson kilt to the whisky tasting the night before. Parker brought a basket-hilt claymore he’s working up as part of the Reiver theme.

Some viewers thought this photo was more “full frontal” than necessary.

From left, Jamey White of Clan Mackay, Monty Waggoner of Clan Campbell, me, and Robert Sickler, our host and tutor in the joys of single malt.

We marched in the parade of clans with pride in our heritage.

Parker was showing off his new Clan Thompson Reiver tee-shirt at the clan tent. Timothy Thompson and Lyndell Thompson were admiring his style.

Sean Thompson, who has piped for us at many clan gatherings, took first place in the “Kitchen Piping” contest. Part of the fun was when he and another piper were challenged to play a tune together.

A great time with great folks, and we got at least one new member out of the deal. Tartan Day is a great way to start the festival season.

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